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A different canvas

I went back to my “roots” so to speak with the canvas that I worked on today. A

medium I am comfortable with and yet one that is still technically challenging at times.

With the help of My A we pulled out red fabric and buttons; matching ones of course. Then with two littles underfoot I cut out shapes. Once I had peace and quiet again I pulled out the iron and the pieces. The piece on the right was my starting point.

When I was finished the “canvas” I had created a garden scene with a bit of whimsy to it.

Her little baby friend Aubree turns one today and we have an invitation to the party. Her Gramma G and her auntie and maybe even her momma, all have a “thing” about lady bugs. So it seemed quite fitting that I saw this pattern just as I was thinking about a unique gift for a sweet little one.

Off we went with the gift and one well dressed little girl to the “Wild One” party. A good time was had by all. My Little A looks pretty tall and grown up here compared to Baby Aubree because “Baby Aubree is 1 and A (as she refers to herself) is 2”.

The giving of a gift is so much less important than spending time with those we love. As gramma’s my friend G and I had our hearts full today as the girls interacted. That is the best gift.


10 thoughts on “A different canvas

    1. It seemed like a great idea for a family that loves lady bugs. Now I have a friend, who spent most of her soccer years playing for a team called the lady bugs, who wants to buy one!


  1. I am glad they had the room to roam and play. All in all it was a very successful party. So grateful that we could share the day!!!


    1. Nice to get the invite! It was fun. Annabelle really loves baby Aubree — after the 30th we need to do a playdate!!
      Thanks for stopping in the comment. I can understand how swamped you feel.


    1. Thanks. I had a starting point, but like some of your art work, it was just that. I let the materials “flow” to speak and used what we found in the “stash”.
      Thanks for dropping in and commenting.


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