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Two Little Words

At the end of a long busy day I received the very best

thank you message. It’s one I’ve been waiting on for a while. Little A said “love you” as she gave me a pat the back hug AND a nose rub. Ah the sweetness of that moment. It makes the back pain worth it!

I totally understand why 60 year olds don’t have babies. After 9 hours I’m exhausted. But happy. So many kisses, snuggles and tickles. Dirty faces and dirty diapers don’t even count when the pure joy of watching and interacting with my my Littles.

Its so fascinating watching them as siblings. He’s so attuned to her voice that nap time can be wrecked if he hears her. She loves to cuddle and kiss him but has been known to take his toys. She’s learning how to share and he’s just plain learning from her. So much so fast. That second child always seems to want to catch up to the first.

I feel beyond blessed that they are only 22 kms away and I have weekly play days with them. I feel so fortunate to have a gerat relationship with my daughter and son-in-law so that I have access to them regularly. I’m so thrilled that my semi retirement coincided with their little years so I can enjoy them often.

Be still my heart.♥️


5 thoughts on “Two Little Words

  1. Time with little ones (children or grandchildren) is precious. Glad you are enjoying. As to the work and aches and pains, these somehow fade, when they smile or hug you. Allan


    1. I have a new found respect to
      for grandparents that raise their grandchildren as it really is quite tiring. But I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything. I was too busy “doing” when my kids were little.


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