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Living in the Moment

The sun lay warm upon my arm and the stillness of the afternoon was almost surreal. The

prairies are not given to windless days. The quiet was unbroken; no distant combines and the geese remain absent.

I note all this even though I am focused on the job at hand. The garden is harvested and the hard frost means that yard work is now complete for the year. I’m finally back at a project I set aside once spring had warmed the air. The furniture refinishing/rebuilding is easily discarded for long periods of time.

It draws my mind back to I wonder; a blog post I read this morning. That even while working I am focusing on experiencing what surrounds me. Present in the moment so to speak and the lyrics of one of my favorite group’s songs pop into my head with the the refrain of living In the Moment.

I’d followed the blog post link to a TedTalk about “slow motion mult tasking” (ironically I listened to this while I was sewing). He suggested that multi tasking done over time is simply a way to allow the brain time to refresh its thoughts in the background. He also said it allows creativity to synergize other life experiences into the next project or the one that is currently road blocked.

Which drew me back to the present. The summer off from it gave me new energy for it. I had switched tools and techniques and was finally making some progress on the stubborn painted areas of the soon to be table legs. All while enjoying a late autumn afternoon of delicious weather.

That weather drew us out for a late afternoon walk followed by a quick fire while supper cooked. The air was cooling quickly but the calm remained. I savoured it all in and stored it for a cold winter’s day. The picture I snapped will help remind me this moment.


4 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

    1. I have no idea if you will get any traffic from it but my post was a direct correlation to what I read in yours so felt it was appropriate. I really enjoy your writing – you set such a good stage and one can really feel your passion.


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