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The heavily laden grey

snow clouds hang low over the crisp yellow of the freshly harvested wheat field. The saskatoon, chokecherry and willow bushes cast their brilliant colour into view against the

white capped grassland.

The view from window has helped ease the lack of sunshine on this Thanksgiving Monday. The kitchen smells heavenly as the roaster works it’s magic. The ever present sound of dishes being washed drowns out the quiet.

For while today is the holiday we celebrated with family time yesterday and our company departed this am. I’ve filled the roaster today with ripe tomatoes for pesto and the hum of the oven has become background noise. The difference is today I can hear it and yesterday it was lost under the chatter of many hands in the kitchen.

I made turkey stock and then created rosemary dumplings for turkey noodle soup. The freshly drying rosemary a substitution for the usual parsley. Waste not want not as my parents always said. The remaining stock was frozen in small quantities for later use.

The afternoon was spent recreating the relish from “The Old Inn” in Skye. It’s too early yet to say if I’ve got the flavours correct but think the texture is coming along. It was a bountiful tomato harvest so it’s a good year to experiment. The basis of the recipe was what we remembered tasting and had written down in a note on my phone. The internet didn’t give me anything similiar but funny enough my recipe binder had Granny Johnson’s Indian Relish. I used it as a guide for the vinegar and sugar quantities in relationship to the tomatoes. The spices were from our tasting on the Isle of Skye.

I whipped up turkey pot pie for supper; a family favourite for a couple of decades. I feel like I didn’t lift the recent curse on it though as it seems I may have left out 1/2 the flour. The previous time I forgot the turkey and the time before that the cheese. I compensated by adding some stuffing to the dough and pushed the turkey vegetable filling in. Some cooking issues can be solved by experience and experimentation.

The blog post, as I wrote it in my head this afternoon, had a different slant. Somehow I lost my way on it. Turns out to read like a kitchen blog with out recipes. Or a look at what I did today. Which is total irony next not a single item is on my list. I guess that’s called being derailed by events (ripe tomatoes and a turkey carcass). Perhaps it’s reflective of my current semi retired status “issue” where I don’t seem to accomplish the big projects that are always in the wings. The day to day fills up my time; my kitchen, my garden, the house projects and my Littles.

Which, I believe, leads me back to the original tangent of the post. The giving of thanks. The gratitude for my full and fulfilling daily life. The blessings of health and fitness (even though both the dog and I decided today was a good hibernation day and didn’t walk). The relationships that surround me with love, support and encouragement. The double lottery birth win of Canadian parents who set us up for an education.

Today I give thanks for so much. Taking stock and being grateful.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgivings

  1. What a great post, Bernie! It makes me want to count my blessings as well. I have been listing something to be grateful about every night, and I am reminding myself to do so during the day especially when my days are hectic. It seems that you are a great cook, Bernie 😋🥂


    1. I’ve read a few articles about how gratitude can change your outlook on life and it increases your fulfilment. Like you I try to practice it daily but it can be a challenge when life is hectic or stressful but that’s exactly when we should practise it!
      Thanks for reading and reaching out with a comment.

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