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Ahead of Schedule

I found myself well over half an

hour ahead of schedule this afternoon. Instead of zipping home to walk and have supper I was remaining in the city. I chose to find a more fiscally responsible, physically and mentally rewarding option than retail therapy. I explored a little neighbourhood park near my supper destination.

It was so good for my soul. It was nippy and deserted but the sun was out and the geese were louder than the traffic.

Enjoyed the vista and Hope you do as well. Hope to paint one of these scenes someday!


4 thoughts on “Ahead of Schedule

  1. You are in the gorgeous environment, Bernie! October is one of the busiest months of the year for me, I feel like I’m in that beautiful nature seen filled with fresh air and clean energy just by looking at your beautiful photos. Thank you, Bernie xx


    1. Ah thanks Ellie. One of the best parts where I live is the 4 seasons are very distinct! It’s always so pretty in the fall but that does give way to winter and super cold. It’s also pretty but it makes you adjust your clothing layers for sure.
      Thanks for stopping in again and commenting — hope October doesn’t leave you too depleted and that you have some balance and crafting time.

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