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Handmade Kindness

It was a revelation to me that today was a special day. One that needed to be marked and honoured. I am so glad that my

creative friend Alma sought to enlighten me.

For you see, today was world card making day. Not regional or national but world. It is obvious that the world needs more creative kindness and that must be why someone invented this day. It’s a handmade kindness revolution.

Alma and I were game to give this day a spot in our lives and so we connected with a few friends, rearranged the attic furniture, made kits and voila. Well honestly I just supplied a few friends and the space which my wonderful other half helped me sort out. Alma supplied ideas, paper, ink of all kinds, stamps, and so much joy. She’s a quiet teacher who does well one on one and sometimes we were a noisy bunch as we were having so much fun being creative. She did well to keep us focused and even the two most seasoned card makers learnt a few new tricks.

So many different techniques and only four hours! We could easily have spent four days up there creating. This is just a sample of what was created. It’s always interesting to see what each individual does to the “sample”.

The demographics were strongly slanted towards middle age with myself the only official “senior” and we had one millennial.

Which leads me to a blog post I read this am called Dispatches from the Land of Old. I so could relate to the technology challenges she wrote about even if I had not idea what “Bermuda skirts and wool socks” was all about.

Which leads me back to the young friend who brought her fancy Cricket out to show us what one could do on it. It made my first generation 6″ cricket look like an old fashioned hand whisk; the kind my grandmother used. C used her laptop, blue tooth, the cricket and an iron press and 45 minutes later she had created this adorable little personalized onesies for her soon to be little son. I couldn’t seem to do justice to the bump and the shirt!

I will confess, I shamelessly asked her to make 6 letters for me for my grandson’s Christmas stuff sac. In the hands of the right people technology can look sweet.

Me, on the other hand, went to kindergarten today. Which is ironic as my small town didn’t have one so I didn’t get to colour there. I made up for it today by colouring with Pearlescent watercolours. I refreshed my embossing skills and I used a watercolour pen and alcohol unknown paper. Oh the fun I had!

I just seriously hope it isn’t another year before I embrace this creative direction. It’s fabulous to make them and even better to snail mail a card off to someone, knowing that you’ve enriched their day! So grateful to my talented friend over at Alma Makes Cards for the nudge to indulge! Her cards adorn my house as art work!

Just to prove that my old brain can still work I have successfully added two links. A decade ago this used to be so hard for me but I’ve mastered it now. I’ve also mastered the hashtag so here is today’s.#hmkr19. Oh and I also managed to grab this photo from Instrgram. Look at the old gramma go!

Then to end off the day I enjoyed such a spectacular sunset that I just have to share it, even though to many pictures eats up my blog space. In chronological order with zero editing. #nofilters #noneneeded #landoflivingskies


Oh and both my “football” teams won — Liverpool and the Riders so it was a good day indeed.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

4 thoughts on “Handmade Kindness

  1. You had such a wonderful day, Bernie! Your cards are beautiful, so creative. Because of my line of work I receive thank you cards sometimes but handmade ones are so special. I am grateful I still get to receive handmade cards from my grandkids sometime. I am keeping each one of them. Your sunset is just gorgeous!


    1. Aren’t handmade cards just the best to get in the mail!! It just puts a spring in my step to receive them. The ones from your grandchildren are so precious — definitely keep them!
      The sunset was spectacular and reminded me again how blessed I am.
      Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment — that’s special to me as well!
      Have a good day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a nice summary of the day. Thanks for the tag to my post. Let’s see if I get any visits. Good luck with your fall supper tomorrow. Thanks for a good time with friends.


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