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The Light Spoke

The wind blew and our breath was visible. Not exactly what we had

planned for our fall afternoon family photos. We were dressed for fall but that wind was vicious. We sought shelter in the trees and then the sun came out. It didn’t warm us up one bit at all but it gave the wonderful young photographer that gorgeous afternoon light to work with! I have a total of three candids taken with my phone. I was too in the moment or trying to keep my Little A warm or make Baby C smile to take many photos.

We are so blessed to have this fabulous friend in our life and to grace us with these photos that document our family life. We are full of love and gratitude that our children and their spouses enjoy spending Friday night having pizza at our house. 5 dogs and 2 littles make for lots of noise and bedlum but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Well except maybe warmer!


Ps I hope to share a few of the real photos later.

4 thoughts on “The Light Spoke

    1. The sun took forever to come out yesterday here on the hill. It was out at 2:15 in the city but as I drove home up the hills the clouds were heavy. When we did the full family ones in the trees it was still hidden and then when the Littles and their parents walked back to warm up it came out. I was so thankful!


  1. You’ve got a beautiful family just like the surrounding where you live. We have started to use a thin jacket in the early morning here in Andalusia Spain but still quite warm during the day and some are still swimming


    1. Ah thanks! I don’t often post face views of my Littles out of respect for their privacy but even in side views they fill my heart with joy.
      The weather here precludes swimming unless you are a dog,!

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