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Sunday with a Subtext

I spent Sunday putting on about 150

Kms with errands, activities and a quick visit with the grandchildren. It was a beautiful day for the driving so the window was open and C & W was surrounding me.

Which was good because there is a nasty noise in my vehicle that I didn’t want to listen to. It’s been getting steadily worse as the summer progresses. It’s been listened to by others and examined and some parts are on order while some are bought. I’m hoping that it will last till construction season is over but I’m not so sure.

Remember a few blog posts in That Balance Thing Again I mentioned how I kind of suck at regular vehicle maintenance? Well I guess this is as good a time as any to tell the story but first I must set the scene. So I look a bit less of an idiot.

This is a few years back now when my husband worked in campus as did I. So we carpooled in our Chevy Silverado (it was so wonderful having door to door service!!). In the summer we would plate our old (yep – 1988) Chevy for hauling sand. Then come winter we would take the plates off of it and plate the Mitsubishi Endeavor. So it saw miles from Nov to April for a few years. Then Tumultuous Tuesday happened and we needed two vehicles again.

As an aside we had enough sand this year and never even plated old BillBarb.

One day driving I thought Jez wonder when I had the oil done last? And I continued driving. Then it popped into my head when I was driving again. I guess mental notes aren’t my thing and by the time I stop I’ve forgotten. Fast forward a smidgen of time – its a bit vague in my head who long this might have gone on. Then one day I was like “I have time and I’m going for an oil change”.

Yeah that smidgen of time equaled somewhere around the 5 year mark and about 30,000 kilometers. Damn good hey! That’s using it down to the last drop. I’ve not been keen on this vehicle for a while as it’s really noisy and not fab on gravel but hey I have new respect for its engine. Maybe less respect for my memory! But hey remember we were only driving it for a few months of the year.

Its all good now as he works from home now and has time to change the oil himself and perhaps, once construction ends, even the bearings or whatever it is. I might be a beer snob but I’m not a vehicle one because as long as it has two keys, a gas gauge that works and keeps on running I’m not overly concerned about make, model, year, colour or how much someone paid for it. If it has heated seats that’s a bonus but working windows (old BillBarb lacks these)are much more important! Accessory display boards are an added perk.

The day was stellar; truly a #FundaySunday (I did work hard for 2 hours in the am but I’m not counting it!). The afternoon filler of grandchildren was like the icing on the cake. Capped off by a quiet sunset on one side of the house and a harvest moon rising on the other.

Blessing abound; including having a vehicle that is road worthy. I solemnly swear he does better she says as she passes the buck along about vehicle maintenance. Hey I wash them sometimes and even clean the inside. Work to your strengths. And hey I change my own flat tires.


As an aside the afternoon really made me think about my parents; once they had retired from farming Sundays were spent out driving doing crop checks and enjoying the open road.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

6 thoughts on “Sunday with a Subtext

  1. Enjoyed your post. It reminded me of the time my dad forgot to license one of our often used vehicles on the farm. There were several vehicles in need of licenses all at different times and he drove it for about 6 months before he realized. He never was pulled over by the police, unlike someone’s else I know 😉

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    1. Just my luck hey! But really I could have had an accident and had no coverage so it turned out ok I guess. Did your parents ever take Sunday drives to do crop checks?


  2. You’ve got a beautiful drive way. I can almost feel the fresh air from these photos. My son’s car has started to make strange noises and my husband has just reminded him to change oil. Your grandchildren look adorable, the photo with the dog is so cute!


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