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That Balance Thing Again

Regular tuneups are a way of life for me. I’m not particularly good at remembering when my

vehicle needs one (which would fill another blog post and make me look like an idiot) but I sure know when I need one.

I’ve been battling a shoulder injury, sustained at my work place, which has curtailed my summer outdoor swimming in a huge way. Which makes me sad but that’s a different post entirely (one that makes me look good) for another day.

Today’s post is about what defines a successful retirement. My physiotherapist says good health equals a successful retirement and that good health doesn’t just happen — it needs a plan and a schedule.

Which brings me back to the shoulder and then the leg. It seems that I am constantly in need of a tune up for maximum functional ability.

One Life

One Body

One Chance

It, for me, often takes a kick start,to get me moving again when I’ve been slacking off for lazy reasons or for injury. I mean the dog makes me walk every day but somedays it’s a short stroll. I need to do better. When I retired I was convinced I would walk 5 km every day except if I had other sporting events on. Not so. In fact I seem to be walking less. Perhaps because the need to walk is decreased. You see it was my destressor from work. Nature and exercise always centered me after an 8+ hour day in the operating room with the personalities, patient heath issues and the never ending equipment and supply chain drama. I don’t seem to need the walks in the same way anymore and so I’ve been slacking off.

Add to that the no swimming and little biking makes me not centered at all from a physical point of view. I’ve had lovely summer of playing with the grands, gardening and construction. BUT it’s time. The shoulder is muchly better and I’m not getting any younger!

So this MS bike ride tomorrow in Prince Albert National Park of 50 kms was the perfect kick I needed. I’ve been out biking quite a bit lately and increased both the length and the intensity of the dog walks.

But, you knew there was a but right, exercise is not the only key to a successful retirement. It’s about reading fiction for our memory and comprehension, volunteering for a sense of connection, healthy eating to sustain our body, sleeping well, fulfilling relationships and a host of other items like creativity, travel and grandchildren. It’s no wonder most retired people can’t figure out how they ever found time to work.

So, as usual, I’m working on finding that illusive balance. In biking or hiking terms — it’s just around the next corner. But maybe it’s not and that’s ok; it’s a year of change and I’m trying to go with the flow and learn what works for me.


11 thoughts on “That Balance Thing Again

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  2. What a great post, Bernie! I am still working and constantly trying to find the balance myself. The planning of exercise, meals, creative activities, study and book reading certainly helping me to see the overview, and learning to go with the flow at the same time.


    1. I am semi retired so I work 8 to 20 hours a week but that’s so easy compared to my previous life as a full time operating room nurse.
      Perhaps it’s always a challenge until you get to the final years of life. Then time seems to hang heavy on their hands but I hope by being active on all levels that in 30 years I still have a good quality of life.
      Thanks Ellie for reading and leaving comments — it’s nice to connect with someone in a different country via blogging.

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  3. Happy balance Bernie. I know what you mean, but I am sure those with 30 years of working life ahead of them may not feel sympathy. We all need to keep moving and variety and challenges help. Cheers. Allan


    1. I worked 40 years full time, and as Ellie states, it’s always a challenge to find that balance. So even if they don’t have sympathy for me as a retired person I do for them as it’s so difficult at times.


      1. Life got really busy this last week with the planning of the SORNG conference for the 21st. Sorry I didn’t back to the donation page. Good job on a great ride.


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