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Tiny Pops

Tiny pops colour

Brighten a drizzly cool day…

Much needed relief

Do not adjust eyes

It is, indeed, a crocus

Very strange indeed

It’s the kind of day you’d stay inside if 3 dogs didn’t insist it was walk time. The kind where the oven smells of a wonderful supper. The couch beckons but alas it’s off to soccer in the rain we go. Fair weather me wanted the game postponed.

As an aside it is now greener here than it was in July. It’s very strange to see the native prairie this green so late in the year. Rain for two days is good for next year’s hay crop but not for the farmers who still have this years crops in the field. Nor good for our construction push.


4 thoughts on “Tiny Pops

    1. It’s odd because usually by mid sept it’s decidedly brownish and leaves are always turning. So while the trees seem to know the native grass and the hayfield missed the memo. We love our place and are keenly aware of how pristine and beautiful it is.
      Thanks for stopping in to comment! Have a good day.

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