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Dusk Settled

Dusk settled across the prairie and with it came a

little window of opportunity. The wind often dies back as the sun peeks out one last time before it sinks into the horizon.

Spurred into activity I laced up my hikers and headed out the door in my bunny hug. To be greeted by rain splats. I quickly returned for my hunter orange jacket and hauled my hood up.

Accompanied by my trusty four legged friend we headed through the pasture gate. This doesn’t make for the most best paced walk but tonight seemed to call for an enjoyment of the colours as a counter balance to the cool chill of the earlier wind.

The chill that drove me to create an oven meal. The first one in months actually and it’s always accompanied by a cosy feeling. With that sense that evening post supper walks will soon be gone for the year out I went.

To a prairie full of surprises. Little spots of colour tucked into the grasses, shrubs and trees. The silver wolf willow contrasts against a section of saskatoon bushes gone crimson over night. The peasants rising from their regular spot to startle me. The geese flying overhead towards the lake, the distinctive sound and v formation. The crops turning colour in the distance but no signs of harvest underway as the big gear sit idle waiting for the right time.

The words flow in my head in the power of the quiet space. As usual I wonder if they will still flow later when I try to transcribe them. Walking is, as usual, my haven. The rocks, twigs, branches and uneven path make me focus out of my self centered thoughts. The sounds and smells help keep me in the moment. I’m always grateful for my blessings but none more so than when I am out here. Centered. Grounded to the land.

Then dusk sets in for earnest and I round the corner from the trees so the house pops into view. It fills my heart; this structure that has taken us a over a decade to mold. To restore it to its former glory while creating a home.

My mind uncluttered and my heart full I opened the door. The issues and challenges in life will resume but for those thirty minutes I embraced the coming of fall and my blessings.


4 thoughts on “Dusk Settled

  1. Nice post Bernie. We went for a bracing walk yesterday in our Alberta town and all I want is for the wind to stop for a bit. It is way too cold (2C feels like -1 right now) for this time of year and although I love fall, I am hoping for a bit of warmth today before it comes. And so are my tomatoes. Cheers. Allan


  2. Your post reminds me of my childhood and youth on the farm. I spent many hours walking through the back field and brush enjoying the quiet and looking for something new to explore. I didn’t have the Bush in southern Saskatchewan but there was other beautiful scenery.


    1. Ah the rolling hills of southern Saskatchewan hold my heart to this day. I love the macroscopic level of walking; the colours and textures. How those little plants can survive and indeed flourish in such a harsh environment.


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