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And the winner is…

Drum roll please. And the winner is …

…. can you believe it ….. nobody. Not even my other half answered both correctly. So disappointing. Now my most common commentor and used to be regular reader (till she ditched me cause I ditched uploading to Facebook) swears she is correct. You would think she would know seems she comes out here to pick saskatoons Every Single Year.

She’s says she’s right. I am not a fan of birds but the thing is — rarely do you encounter a bird while picking. So no the answer to 2 is not birds. As an aside I could actually do another post about Cautionary Tales here with her escapade from yesterday. G was reaching for that last perfect berry as we were leaving the patch and boom. The branch snapped around and hit her on the eye.

Did you now guess corneal laceration? If so you would be correct. She stopped at the Medi clinic and had it looked at. She was so busy attending to her eye she forgot to do a tick check.

Yep you guessed it. Home alone, one eye bandaged and she has a tick on her. Oh did I mention that the answer for her to question 2 would be ticks. She’s convinced, constantly, that they are all over her. Even hours later. I’m not compalicant about ticks as I know they can (2% in Sask) infect their host with Lyme Disease but constant exposure means I don’t freak out. They are just a fact of life and I do a good tick check when I finish up.

So if it’s not birds or ticks then that leaves roses and rain. Well rain is avoidable and at this point desirable so that means it is roses (3). They constantly get me; my legs and my arms are always scratched up. Somehow I don’t see them until my body is tangled up. I’ve even managed to fall into a bush when my feet got tangled on low lying branches. I find them so annoying.

Now I also find the cows, the dog and the birds annoying when it comes to eating the free pickings but there is a clear winner for who eats the most. As cute as a button Annabelle definitely eats her share but there is only 1 of my little grand. The good news is that I’m teaching her to pick berries. She’s got the eating part down pat!

There is also only 1 dog and a few birds. There are 30 cows and 30 calves and 15 yearlings and 1 bull. They all seem to like saskatoon bushes. They are, understandably, messy eaters. They do a number on the bushes in a huge way as they indiscriminately munch away.

So now you know. The cows eat the most and the roses are the most annoying but for my most favourite fruit I’m willing to fight my way to the bush.


If you are local and want to come pick just let me know! The berries love a drought and are so plentiful that in 6 days of picking I haven’t even scratched the surface of the bushes out here.


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3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I still think it was a trick question and I had the correct answer! A little sympathy for the laceration!!!😁


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