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I Give

The sound of the rain is hidden beneath the almost constant rumble of

thunder, some.distant and some quite close. The sky looks like it’s a light being controlled by a toddler who just figured out what the light switch is for.

This is my third night of insomnia; it has always seemed that this house has a thing against my sleeping well here. I awaken most mornings feeling much worse for wear but it never stops me from my mission. I should be tired enough to sleep as the job jar list is full of items that require constant motion. The aches and pains should have been seen to with medications and yet I spend hours tossing and turning.

The storm doesn’t help. I’m not scared by the power of them but, as one who startles at most loud noises when awake, I rarely sleep through that crack of thunder. Tonight is no exception and neither was last night and the 2 hour extravaganza that resulted in a solid inch of rain.

The drought in southern Sask is broken but with an extreme amount of moisture at the wrong time. Hay crops are behind and are now drowning in patches of water. Field crops are seriously behind and spraying isn’t happening with the wet state of the fields.

I sunk an inch at least in the garden today as I crouched over weeding. The storm was brewing when I took a wee rest break on the patio. I’m glad I pushed on this evening to finish that job as the garden will be crazy wet tomorrow.

Which is, actually, today. When, once again, I will be tired. At least here, at my mother’s house, I feel free to get up and wander for a while. My other half isn’t here so I’m not disturbing him.

Insomnia is kind of like the weather, not a lot of things one can do to change it. I am always very grateful for a good night’s sleep and don’t take it for granted. As a farmer’s daughter and a rancher’s sister I don’t take rain as a given either but it’s like my insomnia tonight. They could both go away.


Ps I know it’s bad sleep hygiene to be on my phone but this is the first time in 3 nights. You can only do the “sleep” things so many times and I knew I wasn’t sleeping through the worst of the storm.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

One thought on “I Give

  1. Sorry for your sleepless nights Bernie. I know this is never fun. I have them from time to time and it is better to get up and do something else rather than lay there. As to the storms, some wicked weather came through Edmonton yesterday and is no doubt in your back yard today. We got the clouds, lightning and thunder, but no rain. I actually managed enough time to cut the lawn yesterday. This AM, I was awoken by the 5:00 AM crow. I wish they would go away……………Allan


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