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Cloud Cover

It’s seems that cloud cover can come in various levels and provide

both moisture and a philosophical head space .

The solstice was lost in a heavy rain cloud. While it makes me disappointed to miss out on the longest day we need moisture so badly that there is no contest in what emotion wins out. Pure delight in over 2 inches of steady rain. We awoke late to see puddles in the yard.

The heavy clouds broke and the sun came out late afternoon. The cloud cover became pretty and poufy. We remain hopeful that they have more rain in them. In the meantime everything is fresh, green and our rural world smells clean.

We enjoyed a quiet day at home. I spent most of the rain day watching soccer and being creative in the attic. It gave me lots of thinking time which I needed. Two stirling friends phoned to check on my mental health.

Late afternoon the rain ceased and so we spent some time outside. The trees and the raspberries rarely get a second weeding but today they did. The moisture made those weeds just slide right out. The moisture is also making the weeds grow but we’ll take the tradeoff. No doubt the little weeds in the garden will be the next outside job I tackle. Or perhaps I will make the hedge my next priority. There’s always a task or twenty to pull me outside in the summer.

Sometimes clouds just bring shade and relief from a hot day, sometimes a drizzle, sometimes a steady rain. They can bring hail or a totally insane weather system.

Perhaps there is an analogy between clouds and friendships but I can’t seem too articulate it. The wisps of sunset and the fire are calling me.


2 thoughts on “Cloud Cover

  1. Just remember that the sun is always behind that cloud, just waiting for the perfect time to come out and restore your balance. Enjoy the quiet times as they present themselves to you. Hugs!


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