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The Legend

Legend has it…. I’ve always wanted to start a story that way .. but I actually

didn’t know details of the legend and had to indeed look it up after the fact. We’d actually gone on this outing because it was recommended and we’d done zero research. We didn’t even need to find out how to get there as our B & B was about 50 yards from the turn off; which can be seen right below Heni the Highland Cow.

The boots got one more Skye workout as we strode our way up to the Fairie Pools. By hiking standards it was an easy walk of 3.6 kms or 6260 steps depending on who’s phone gives the readout. It was 22 degrees out (no complaints there at all) but our hiking boots are for a cooler climate as they are lined. It almost convinced me to jump in a pool! Almost that is until I touched the water!

The River Brittle runs out of the Chillin Mountain Range and has created a series of waterfalls and pools. The colour and clairty is stunning. The camera guy took about a hundred photos but often had to wait patiently for people to get out of the picture.

While he was doing that I struck up a conversation a local hiker and she was telling me about the right of passage about the pools. You jump off the waterfall into the pool and then swim under the rock archway. She couldn’t believe how low the water was as they haven’t had rain in 3 weeks. That’s a rarity here unlike at home.

The pictures of course don’t do the site justice. In another month or so when the heather is in bloom it will be outstanding.

Once we arrived, finally, at our destination this evening I did some on line research.

I’m saddened to report that there is no specific legend associated with this particular landscape feature. I strongly suspect though that marketing didn’t play into it a few centuries ago when they named them. Just a thought.

Oh well maybe someday I will write a story where legend has it makes perfect sense.


2 thoughts on “The Legend

  1. Lucky you to get to see Skye – one of the most beautiful places in all of Scotland. Your comment about the camera guy made me laugh – my camera guy doesn’t want any photos that have people in them either!


    1. I literally was just thinking about you // like literally!! I was going to message you and make sure all was ok as you hadn’t commented in a while and I wanted to make sure all was good. Glad to hear from you. Yes I am sure your camera guy would be patient and wait for the perfect time.


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