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Stroll on Storr

Today’s stroll of 10,357 steps was up an ancient mountain formation called the

Old Man of Storr in the Trotterine mountain range on the Isle of Skye. It was no Ben Nevis but it was a hearty morning walk in super windy conditions.

The views were outstanding and it’s quite interesting how the outline of the mountain changes so much depending on your angle. At times as you hike towards it you can’t even spot it. To clarify though the bottom right photo is The Quiraing; it was another two hour hike and would not have left time for the next stops.

On Islay we missed the little Museum of Island life so we wanted to make sure we stopped at the one here. So glad we did as it was extremely educational and quite well done.

We also got our daily dose of cemetery views there at Kilmuir. There was the impressive memorial one to Flora MacDonald that I referred to in The Skye Boat. It is perhaps one of the biggest monuments we’ve seen and we’ve been to a lot of graveyards as I try for one a day when we travel. They are incredibly full of history.

We then did a further 9365 Steps at another ancient formation but this time it’s the stories and not the geological formations that get top billing. It’s called the Fairie Glens but it reminded us a bit of the hoodoos in Drumheller in some ways, obviously minus the fairies. Who left stone circles or so you can believe if you would like. Someone with me wasn’t buying it.

We walked a fair ways up and down and around. We then hit the road once more as we wanted to make it to Dunvegan Castle before closing. Country roads in Scotland being unique for sure and Ron loves them!

The castle is the ancient home of the McLeods. We actually met a woman who has worked there for the last 51 years. She used to live in the cottage (?game wardens?) and said she knew them and their stories. Of which I am sure that there are many. They’ve had a fortress turned castle there since like 750; mind boggling. Ron might correct me on that and say it was 950 but still! The family comes at Christmas and occasionally in the off season and occupies the private apartments on the 3&4th floors as well as using the dining room, library and the great hall.

The grounds were quite a horticultural delight but alas it’s late and I want to hit post so I don’t get behind in days. Perhaps I will do one entire post about the flora and fauna of Scotland that we see. Food for thought after some sleep.


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