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The Skye Boat

Today we sailed over the sea to Skye, made famous “this time” around by the books and TV series Outlander. But long long before that there was a

story and a song attached to an event.

Here is a beautiful rendition of The Isle of Skye Song that tells the story.

On our morning drive we went by the monument that marks where Bonnie Prince Charles fled the mainland of his country after the loss at the battle of Culloden in 1746. He careened around the Scottish islands evading the British and was on the Isle of Uist. His cause championed by a Flora MacDonald. She helped him escape to the Isle of Skye (and ultimately France) despite the fact that her father and fiance were both in the English King’s army. Seems like a fairly spirited young lass.

Fast forward 250 years and the song gets a remake with a female in the lead role; escaping a lot of things at various times but never to or from Skye. It’s too complex too get into here but it is one of my favourite series of historical fiction (with an interesting twist). It’s called Outlander and this song of Skye is beautiful but I’ve never figured it out. She never went to Skye so why did they change it but leave in the Skye part?

Didn’t see that coming did you? You thought this was a travel blog about the Isle of Skye and I guess it is in some ways. I know that hordes of people do an Outlander tour of Scotland stopping everywhere that they filmed. I bet they never come to Skye because none of the book was ever set here but it’s stunningly beautiful, remote and worth the trip.

Of course we actually came for the whisky but that’s a huge blog later on. We also came for the hiking and the history. The bonus is the single track roads that Ron loves driving on. And no that it’s sarcasm; he truly does.


Ps can you pick out the hidden letter in the picture? More on that in another post.

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