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These Boots Step 1

I got a song stuck in my head and so, of course, I want to share it. Weird thing is I can hear a male voice singing it but it was originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra in 1966 and I didn’t find a male who redid it.

Now why am I posting about a music video from 50 years ago and who knew they had music videos back then? Because (I know good sentences don’t start with because but whatever) I took my boots awalking! These are going to get some serious miles in the next while. Perhaps they have even become the theme of this particular adventure. It’s always a challenge to figure out footwear and clothing for major trips, at least it is for me, but I think these will end up being a good choice. Only time and a lot of miles will tell.

With our “chores” done, the house sitter keeping the furry legged creatures company and a zillion kisses to our grandchildren given, we are popping off to England and Scotland for a “wee” visit.

This is our first major trip in a while and the first since my change in employment status. We’ve always travelled on a budget so not much will change from there perspective.

Some 30 hours later we have arrived at my cousin’s at Kirton in Lindsay. The boots are fine but the body is exhausted.