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Drudgery Reversed

The job is pure and simple drudgery; worse than toilets. The unseeable dusty job that falls on my

shoulders but that’s not even a factor in the equation. It could be “green work” but it isn’t because the next phase requires height and that’s not in my arsenal. So I plough ahead, wash away the accumulated grime while chasing dusty thoughts out of my head.

It won’t be written on my tombstone that she washed her screens and windows spring and fall. But what will be noted, by the people standing there, is that she cared.

She cared about her family. She nutured friendships. She connected with her patients. She took care of the things around her that were important. Not the temporary items like fashionable jeans but the lifelong items that require crafting like a home, a career, friendships and artistic endeavors.

The druggery work, reversed focus on the positive side, results in a clear view to the vista. It shows how incredibly resourceful we’ve been with our craftsmanship and how we chose to make a statement. We took an old house and gave it new windows and a second life. Another positive is that I’m fortunate that 4 hours of washing screens and windows will leave me stiff and sore but that’s all. Good health is a wealth we often take for granted.

So druggery can be a positive. It’s all in how the focus is shifted. How to let the sun shine in!


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