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Just One More

I keep telling myself I’ll take just one more but somehow it’s too easy to keep going. So now, despite eating up blog space, I must share the best of the them.

This seems to have been a once in a lifetime

crocus year. All across Saskatchewan long-term residents are saying they’ve never seen it like this. Certainly in the twelve years we’ve had our property they’ve never been this prolific.

So as the intense purple fades to a pale mauve and they grow tall and leggy I’ll leave you with the best shots of the season. I’m so blessed to have enjoyed this vista every day; despite the wind. The Little has fallen in love with touching them and it’s so sweet.


One thought on “Just One More

  1. The beauty of nature really is all around us! I love how you try to make the time to share these little treasures with others! Thank you!


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