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Tacos et al

I’m totally surprised it has taken me this long to blog about it. I’ve been on this gig since 1985 and yet I’ve never written about it.

Retrospectively I’m not surprised at the timing of this blog entry. All those stupid pop up adds for Fresh Start and Good Food drive me a bit bonkers. I’ve started leaving snide comments on them about how it’s not hard to plan a meal or a menu. Apparently they are also about pre sized portions cause like that’s so hard?

So I decided to pay forward a little tip that was given to me by my nursing manager in 1985. I started working Monday to Friday and was struggling with meals. I’ve done this already a few times in the locker room when nurses would say “I have no idea what’s for dinner”.

Plan ahead. Sit down on a Sunday moment and look at the week with the calendar. Figure out what nights need easy meals and what nights can be a little bit more laid back. Make the menu varied and when your kids are old enough to understand include them and your other half. Ask for suggestions but be leery here! My son asked for tacos and stir fries every week and I’m sure, in his memory, that was the only thing I ever cooked! But they are quick easy meals that kids can help with. Plus they have great variety within them. What kind of tacos? Try fish one week. What kind of stir fry? Swap in a new veggie that the kids might not even notice. Try to do a big meal on the weekend with planned leftovers. Roast chicken becomes chicken salad for sandwiches or a chicken salad for lunch. The bones get made into stock and you add that to the stir fry instead of prepared stock. You’ve used the entire chicken and done meal prep ahead of time.

The grocery list gets made off the menu with the staples being added to an ongoing list when you use them up. Batch up your shopping days so you aren’t constantly running to the grocery store.

It’s not hard. It’s not rocket science. It takes a bit of time to be organized but probably less time than it takes to make the choices and check out on line. This way you pick your own produce, tailor the menus to your family, save on delivery fees and the packaging while feeding your family. Simple.

So if the biggest question in your house is the dreaded “what’s for supper” get proactive and plan ahead.


This wasn’t a soap box rant about life nor a soap box review but perhaps it might also inspire the odd person to change their practices for a positive environmental impact.

Ps oh and grow your own veggies is always best. I’ve touched on that many times. You can even start as small as a tomato pot in a planter.


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