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Not a Paid Commerical

It’s not a paid commercial but if I was a different kind of blogger; i.e one who wants to make money off blogging and do endorsements it could have been. But I’m not and this is just my annual “you’ve got to try this post. I doubt the people at Nellie’s will ever see this so it’s just my little environmental and frugal info commercial!

When Little A was born my daughter used Nellie’s All Natural Baby Laundry powder. She was so sold on it that she started using the regular stuff. I bought some baby stuff for when I have Little A for sleepovers. Loved it and so switched us over. Bonus points that it’s a Canadian company with a good mission statement.

I probably wouldn’t have written this post though if Little A hadn’t had raspberries, blueberries and saskatoons yesterday. Now that’s she’s two it’s all about what she can do herself. Somewhere along the way a significant size blop of purple berry landed on her white top. No one noticed initially but when I did I got it soaking in cold water. 3 hours later, after the company had all left, I washed it. I didn’t pre treat it but that’s ok as it came clean.

So does everything else I wash. It’s good stuff and the tin lasts for a significant amount of time. I like it so much I’ve purchased the dishwasher soap in hopes of getting our dishes cleaner.

I hit up the local Peavey Mart, home to all sorts of treasurers, to purchase mine. I’ve yet to see it in a main stream store but you can buy it on line. Definitely worth finding it.

Ok. Off the soap box. Good one hey? Last time I got on my soap box it went mini viral but I’d be happy if 2 people read this and change their water based soap for a powder. Small changes multiple times over make a difference.

Well now I’ve really covered the gamete of topics with a new hash tag of laundry!


 Almost 2 years of laundry out of one tin. Zero impact on the landfill as I will reuse the tin and the bag (for fabric pieces).


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5 thoughts on “Not a Paid Commerical

    1. I don’t think you will regret it. Apparently London Drugs, Ready Set Baby and Costco on line all carry the laundry soap. I shop for it at Peavey Mart.


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