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Semi meandering

I never misled anyone, including myself. I always knew it was asemi retirement status I was going to when I retired from my full time hospital position. Which, on many fronts, seems to have been a good decision.

The routine of the work day still seems like a comfortable sweater. Early rise; out the door and into the mainstream. It’s an easier work day than I am used too but there is still the chance to interact with patients, provide quality care, learn a few new surgical skills and enjoy the windows. Plus the paycheck, which of course, is why I am there.

I’ve stretched my skills a little further though and written up my CV. That is after I looked it up and figured out how to create one, showcasing my somewhat limited formal education but highlighting my teaching skills. I have had an interview and in the fall I will be doing some more casual hours teaching medical students the intricacies of a surgical scrub and how to gown and glove. Seems simple enough but I recently ran into a colleague who remembered how terrifying it was!


In the meantime my days off are falling into somewhat of a routine. Schedule being too restrictive of a word for where I am right now. One day is a complete stay at home day; this helps recharge my batteries as I work on fun and not fun projects. It’s nice to have a bit more time to get into items than what I am used to having. One day a week is devoted to Little A and so far we’ve done the pool and a couple of play dates with summer playground and outdoor pool time in our near future. Momma usually picks her up or she becomes part of my lunch date. I’m trying to meet up with family or friends for a relaxed way to catch up. Then onward to some city errands to complete that day. I’ve managed to strike a fair amount of items off those lists that have been hanging around for eons so that feels good.

I’m working on meshing with the work from home guy and to help with that his video live meetings are now written on the calendar so I can plan around them. I have also learnt not to talk, excessively anyway, to him while he is working at the computer. Try to convene at the same time for lunch so then I can share updates with him about various items. He’s been ending his day a bit earlier, or so it seems to me, so that we can do a little bit of joint project work together or go for a walk on non soccer days.

I have a lot of items on the go on a creative side which feels really good. I’m still missing the connection and commitment to work alongside some of my fav people; in fact some days it almost seems like a tooth ache. It seems various retired people can relate to that and others can’t. I’m still working on the correlation factors in why that is. For me I think it’s lucky I had planned, for financial reasons, a soft exit. Hard exit stage left from the trauma hospital but a slow easing into this new uncharted territory.

Time for change and someone here said it well; Change Image



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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