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Just Can’t Find it

I have looked and looked and looked. To no avail. I simply can’t find the positive to insomnia. Lord knows I have tons of time to think about it when I lay awake for hours on end.

I try really hard to live by the 90 rule. Darci Lang, author of Focus on the 90%, uses one simple tool — a magnifying glass — to reframe how we view our jobs, our co‐workers, our clients and our families and our lives. Seeing our negative 10% through our positive 90% can change our focus and make interactions with others more positive and productive.

But how the hell do you do this on 2 or 3 hours of sleep? It’s hard to stay positive during the night. I do ok during the day once I get going. I usually face bedtime with some trepidation as doing the same thing again is always a possibility.

I’ve established good sleep hygiene. I rely on non prescription medications regularly (more on that latter) and have a few techniques for what to do when it turns into a less than stellar night. Sometimes they don’t work. That’s why I decided last night to do a poll and see what other people who suffer from insomnia do to combat it.

PLEASE consider taking a moment to fill out this 6 question yes/no format. Apparently it’s not working but the computer is off so I will leave it here in hopes that people will comment about what works for them.

So now it’s almost bedtime and I have to decide what to do tonight. My GP won’t give me prescription medications for the insomnia as he feels my insomnia is not consistent enough nor has enough “cause” so nightly I try to figure out how best to manage it. Will it rear it’s ugly head or will it just lie dormant so that I can sleep and arise refreshed. Who knows and I think that’s frustrating part.

Maybe tonight won’t be the night. Wish me luck.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

10 thoughts on “Just Can’t Find it

  1. Yikes – I feel so badly for you, bernielynne. Guiltily I confess that I have been a good and sound sleeper all my life – though a perfect night’s sleep (which I define as nine hours) does seem to have eluded me more often since I reached my fifth decade. I wish I could send you good sleeping vibes across the miles…


    1. It comes and goes. Somedays it’s ugly and some days it’s great. It’s been my only real menopausal issue although my GP felt stress was a lot of it. But so why last night heading into the weekend??


  2. Nothing worse than exhaustion. I had a 3 hour sleep night, 2 nights ago then two of 7 hours. 7 hours for me is a sleep in. Hope you find something that works. I never have. I just get up, so as not to disturb my wife. Allan


    1. Yeah 7 is a good normal sleep. I don’t often sleep 11 // usually just a post call scenario where I’ve worked a crazy amount of hours with minimal sleep. But now that I’m semi retired work isn’t the issue but the insomnia continues. My good sleep was followed by 5 hours. Oh well. That’s the way it goes.
      Thanks for dropping in to leave a comment.


  3. Well Bernie I had hoped you had found a way to sleep and were willing to share
    Every research I have done basically says diet exercise no screen time before bed and write a paper journal or to do list before going to sleep
    If you are in bed more then 20 minutes without sleeping you are to get up and not turn on any bright lights read a magazine and then 20 minutes go back to bed
    I wish I could say this worked although the paper list beside the bed lets me know I wrote down what I need to do or my thoughts on what I need to handle in the future
    Keep sharing this information because we all need to figure this out


    1. That’s the thing. I think I get it settled and then boom it hits again. So I switch things up until something else works.
      I used to force myself to lay there for 2 hours before I would get up. My theory was that you can’t sleep if you aren’t in bed. I now get up after 30, add a different non Rx med, colour and have a shower. Mostly that works but some nights it doesn’t and by 0430 it’s so frustrating. Fortunately they seem to be getting better but then boom. It’s nice now that I don’t work everyday so if I have to I can sleep in till 09 and still get 4 or 5 hours.
      I can’t read because then I would just stay up and read; it never makes me sleepy. Ask Ron! I do lists all the time. I do often have good blog ideas while laying awake but if I started putting those on paper I’d just stay awake and write!


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