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Hands Down

Hands down the best part of my new routine is Friday. That’s Nan and Annabelle adventure day. It might even start with a Thursday night sleepover which is bonus points. Always first up on her agenda when arriving is yogurt and berries from the freezer/garden.

We’ve been hanging out at parent and tot swim Friday mornings. I’ve wanted to introduce her to the pool for a while. We are both having so much fun and she’s learning a lot. Today we added in some library time and even brought home some library books. There’s never any pictures of the above.

As long as I can get her home awake it means lunch time is followed by nap time. Then it’s fun and games at home. Today included sewing and button time, drawing time and furniture rearranging in the attic. She loves the rolling chairs!

Once grampa finished work we went outside and made Sadie the snow man! We had read that book last night so she was right into patting the snow down and finding items for the face.

Once the sled ride dog walk was done we went inside to make cookies. Momma, Dadda and baby Colton came for supper. There was lots of stories read, kitchen play time (hers and mine) and a ton of kisses and snuggles.

Seriously it’s just the best way to spend a Friday. I’m quite exhausted tonight but not the same as the end of a long work week! So full of gratitude and blessings that my heart is full to the brim.


4 thoughts on “Hands Down

    1. I’m happy and blessed. Not everyone gets to be a gramma, not everyone lives close enough to have this kind of relationship with their children to have the kind of relationship I have with my granddaughter. So full of gratitude.


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