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What a difference

I spent the day gazing out the window and yet it never hindered my productivity. Indeed the natural light and the view gave me a mindset that allowed me to fully focus.

I’ve always known that working in a dungeon wasn’t good for my mental health. I tried to counteract it by lunch outside or coffee up in the windowed area which were good steps. I wonder now if maybe it was also affecting my sleep. The link below would certainly support that.

Impact of Workplace Daylight

Another study below came to the following conclusion; it effects both patients and care givers. Longer patient stays and physical and mental health issues with staff.

Conclusions: Adequate and appropriate exposure to light is critical for health and well-being of patients as well as staff in healthcare settings. A combination of daylight and electric light can meet these needs. Natural light should be incorporated into lighting design in healthcare settings, not only because it is beneficial to patients and staff, but also because it is light delivered at no cost and in a form that most people prefer.

It seems so intuitive and yet it’s not happening even now. The newly designed children OR’s here in Saskatoon have no natural light. It seems in Europe health care designers are starting to work towards natural light and the article below is an American architectural firm who are looking at Natural Light in OR’s

I’ve guess I was ahead of my time as I zipped outside for lunch in the Queen’s garden. Lucky for me I’m now working casually in an environment with windows. It makes such a difference and science backs that up. Studies have also shown that pictures of nature are also worth while. I gifted the equipment resource tech at work a forest scene that I used to go in and enjoy. Our scheduling clerk had drawn a window with blue sky on her door and I actually found info to support fake windows with nature scenes. That’s all super hard in the actual operating room which is partly why my new work environment is so appreciated.


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