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Excellent Exit Timing Part 2

This true story starts with yesterday’s Excellent Exit Timing and my daughter’s response to it. She thought the title worked perfectly with her recent events and so it does.

There are some exit items that you can’t really plan as specifically as others. Retirement you pick it. Weddings again involve choice. Babies often come with some planning for a specific month but, as a rule baring a planned c/section, you don’t choose what day you have a baby. Even if you want to.

My daughter wanted to. They tried with number one and ended up with an early February baby. Number two was a projected early March baby. But what they wanted was February 28th. Very specific.

There’s a reason for that. My son-in-law was born that day. So was his father. Their shared birthdays were one of their many special links. When his dad died suddenly his special day was also a day of loss. So my daughter wanted to replace the emptiness with the same joy that he’d known growing up with a shared birthday of father and son.

Somehow it happened. By her 37 week check up it was apparent baby was going to be early. A few false starts to labour had us enjoying sleepovers with Little A as we awaited the arrival of the wee man.

Lots of back pain, a few serious contractions and a short time later the excellent exit happened. Right on time as a wonderful birthday present to his daddy.

Little A has now become a big sister. She’s very loving and cracks us up with her baby sounds. She is constantly wanting to kiss him and cuddle him even if he’s sleeping.

Such a perfect little package that had Excellent Exit Timing; this one caused our hearts to swell in size again. Part of why my Excellent Exit Timing occurred now so I can enjoy play time with “Big” A and snuggles with Baby C.



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