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Excellent Exit Timing

It would seem that, from one aspect for sure, I timed my exit from full time work to semi retired perfectly.

The dead of winter comes with short days. The sunshine hours just never seem long enough and a weekend often didn’t recharge my solar batteries near enough. Add to that call days when I might not see the sun, cloudy days and swim days were I would emerge from the pool to the dark and the weeks wore me down. The low point always seemed to be February. That’s what I can see from reviewing my blog. It’s a seasonal thing every year by this time I’m depleted.

This was written in 2017 and called Not Such Fresh Trails. This one was written in 2016 and is called Running on Empty.

Since I hit the “exit stage left door” at the end of January I’ve had tons of sunshine hours. I can tell. Well that and the sleep. I don’t feel empty, tired, craving carbs and I don’t feel exhausted. Perhaps working in a windowless environment isn’t good for mild SAD.

It could be the windows, it could be the sleep or it could be the lack of work commitments.

It’s certainly all on the plus side that’s for sure.


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