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Old Dog New Tricks

It appears to be a true story that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I think I’d qualify as an old dog on the ski hill and yet I learnt a new trick this week.

For the better part of the last decade our son has been after both my other half and myself to wear helmets. The people I work with can’t imagine that we don’t. Our daughter played the trump card though when she said that helmets on our heads were mandatory for when we teach Little A to ski.

So in anticipation of that event next year we caved in. I bought a basic Bolle from Costco. I just wanted vents and removable ear pieces. Ron wanted the ability to have music so that meant a step up from basic. He ended up with a Smith and at some point will add the ear pieces for Bluetooth music.

Now the purchase of the helmets was the easy part. The tough part was figuring out what to wear with them. We spent the five days skiing trying to sort that out.

I will admit the claustrophobia wasn’t as bad as I had thought it might be. I did miss the airflow in my hair and my head was hot and itchy lots of the time. I felt like it really restricted by vision but that was actually the goggles over my glasses.

They are boring black but that beats some funky colour that “ages”. It’s bad enough that we wear aged ski jackets without having new funky helmets that wouldn’t match.

So we become one with the pack of helmet heads. Odd man now in. Old dog new trick.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

4 thoughts on “Old Dog New Tricks

  1. I, too, am shocked that you didn’t wear helmets before this time. What about on your bike? Even we had helmets for our bikes at the lake and we are “old”. Glad you are setting a good example for your grandchildren and also that you will be around to teach them to ski! Enjoy your time on the slopes.


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