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The Terminal

I was taught this phrase at work a few years ago and used it, contextually well, for the last time yesterday. In essence it is stacking your breaks and then leaving early for that accumulated time.

My last day at work was exactly the type of day I wanted. I “called” the challenging scrub and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 5+ hours of it. I certainly never wish trauma on anyone but I’m glad I could be involved. It involved two of my favourite work guys and a lot of equipment. Just the way I wanted it to end. Which meant I was due a few breaks and I departed early. A few final good byes and just my locker door to clean off. I planed it so I didn’t have time to be melancholy. Straight from work to my retirement party. Which seriously was exactly what I wanted. Come and go, easy food, good beer and laughter. Lots of hugs, a couple of tears and some stories shared. Big thanks to my fabulous nursing friends who stepped up and brought food for the taco bar. Huge thanks to my daughter for the tasty desserts. Heartfelt appreciation to my work “daughter” for her extra effort to pull together a seamless fun event which was family friendly.

The gifts were all appreciated but the trauma surgeon group gift certainly took the cake for the most unique gift. A brown talking bear that utters my name?? Quite eerie but apparently funny as well!

This month concludes with both milestones having been achieved; 60 and retired from my full time job. Change is ahead.

The final terminal from that chapter has occurred. Don’t ask how it feels yet as I haven’t figured it out yet.


3 thoughts on “The Terminal

  1. Congratulations, you miss the people first, then the goal is to be able to say ” I have no idea how I had time to work.” Also all those jobs and projects you are now going to do, now that you have time …. well they will eventually get done😉


    1. Oh I know I will be busy but I’m wired to be productive busy so hope I don’t start frittering away time because I have more of it.
      There are some people I already miss and some I will never miss. I will miss helping patients but I will pick that thread up elsewhere in my life.
      Thanks for stopping in to comment! Hope you are well.


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