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A Non Typical Move

It’s a true story that I am atypical. This is in reference to being a quilter and the fact that I don’t have much of a stash (material that quilters buy just because they like it). I tend to be very project focussed and buy just what I need. I do have leftovers; which my lovely friend comes and OCD’s for me every once in a while.

Having said that there is one kind of fabric that I do stockpile. During the Canada 150 celebrations a Canadian company developed a fabulous line of fabric. I couldn’t resist and spend the year collecting bits and pieces of it.

My favourite local quilt store posted that they had some new stuff from Northcote. I was a goner!

Plus they had this cute mini panel, perfect for a throw pillow and some coordinating word fabric to go with it.

I think I need an intervention!! Wait a minute. I don’t drink coffee and I have two beer a week so this seems like a fairly cheep pastime.

Plus I have several projects in mind for it. Feels better now that I’ve given it a small nod to OCD (perhaps G will come along and re do it!) and have it nicely stacked in the cupboard. Awaiting a day when work doesn’t beckon which is coming so soon.


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