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Chopped Kicked Up

We did a little mini Chopped session at our house tonight. In case you aren’t familiar with “it” participants get 4 somewhat random ingredients and come up with a dish. Yes, well, obviously we spent far too much time watching cooking shows in this household but it came in handy.

Left over turkey and mushrooms were Ron’s picks. Mine were curry and fresh noodles. We knocked it out of the park which is funny considering that last night’s turkey pot pie (one of my fav leftovers) was a total bust when “we” forgot to put the turkey in it.

The turkey was a subtle back flavour while the punch of the curry and jalapeños and cumin woke up our taste buds. The made in Ogema noodles never fail to be stellar and a smidgeon of fresh cheese on top a nice little meltdown.

As I’ve said many times not a food blog. Never will be a food blog. But every once in a while I just have to step up there with a flat lay food picture that tastes great and has a good story to go along with it.


2 thoughts on “Chopped Kicked Up

  1. Oh Bernie! That’s what I fo so often! Today I made my best potatoe ham chowder soup! Been retired just about 9 years and finally!!


    1. Hey thanks for stopping in to comment; it’s nice to have new commenters stop in.
      Yeah sometimes throw together meals work out better than others though. We’ve had a few that weren’t that good!


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