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Nan’s Workshop

I have had this post ready for a while but I had to wait until the special workshop project was gifted. It was a lot of fun to make, probably because of the “helper”. Little A helped me cut out the shapes and then we tried to gently put thumbprints in to make the hearts. Occasionally this meant we then munched it up again, rolled it out and started over. She was very enthusiastic shall we say!

Once they were dry then the next step was without the little helper. I was up in the attic in the sunshine so it was a nice place for a quiet craft even if it was a bit messy. Then a quick coat of clear finish and some ribbons.

A quick handwritten label and what passes for wrapping from me. Let’s just say it’s the one, of many, things my talents don’t run to!

They were very well received. It’s definitely something we will do again especially seems grampa has already wondered why we didn’t get one.

We definitely hit our other major Christmas project straight out of the ball park. I blogged about the beginning of it here at Santa’s (aka grampa’s) Workshop. It’s totally safe to say that the gift of the day was the play kitchen.

She spent hours, just in one day, immersed in whisking, sorting, frying, flipping, cleaning and stacking. She colour organized the cutlery and the glasses. She cooked an egg and removed it to a plate. She washed the steak along side the dishes; with a healthy squeeze of the “soap”. She didn’t seem to care that the stove top doesn’t have little burners or that the doors weren’t on the oven, fridge or freezer (wrong sort of hinges).She and Uncle Spencer spent a lot of time playing with the pizza. Just like in real life he picked off the mushrooms! She sorted them onto the plate along with the meat and eventually dumped it all into the floor.

We got such delight out of watching her play with it and know that it will provide many hours of educational playtime for years to come. Warm fuzzie feelings indeed.

A day late but a day spent together as a family; enjoying the blessings of our lives.


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