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Side by side 21/22

Yesterday and today’s posts were combined by Father Time. I squeezed a lot into yesterday but blogging wasn’t on the list.

I’ve also done a last minute swap of activities; again time just wasn’t my friend. We hosted a surprise 50th birthday party yesterday which was awesome. Our friends were touched seems Christmas time birthdays can get lost in the festive season and this was a big one!

Which in turn meant that my activity turned into “making” (rather than baking) a last minute special treat of homemade eggnog. Rave reviews like usual. the cake credit goes to my daughter; again just a lack of time!

That means that today was a walk holding hands. Which we did lots as we went from store to store Christmas shopping.

On a regular basis we try to walk at least 5 days a week together. Holding hands is a bit more of a challenge as we often walk on single track trails. Even when we are on the road we still don’t usually hold hands. Today we made an exception for a short distance. The old north wind made for cold hands in the time this photo took.

I’m now caught back up with the activities. I can say that I’m really looking forward to the one tomorrow plus spending time in Grampa (aka Santa’s) workshop as we sprint towards the Christmas Eve deadline for a special gift.


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