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Day Nine Blessings

Today’s activity has been an annual event for several years. One that I enjoy immensely and will miss when I no longer have a big

work family. For today is potluck family OR supper.

In an hour or two it will be loud and chaotic and the island will be filled to the brim with deliciousness. Right now the house is quiet, festively decorated (thanks to my wonderful man) and smells of turkey. The table is maxed out in size and the eggnog is chilling.

While it will be mostly nurses and their families there will be a scattering of surgeons, anaesthesiologist and support staff. It’s a chance to connect away from work and enjoy some “down” time together.

I’ve blogged these few paragraphs while whipping cream. There won’t be any photos during because it’s too busy so I will post pre event. That way when the evening winds down I can relax and enjoy the quiet with a full heart.


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