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First Cut

This is almost like a throwback Thursday post but not quite. I just need to set the stage and that throws it back to the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Back then photos were printed in triplicate with one bigger one and two smaller.  I felt that I knew right off where the little copies of these two important photos were. But alas not quite so! So after some searching I found the missing envelope but not the photo although I found one from about 2 weeks earlier.

A different world for sure. Pictures weren’t an everyday occurrence and weren’t shared at a whim. But I digress from the post content.

First haircuts are so special. It’s like a transition line between little toddler and a little kidlet. It makes them seem so much more grown up.

Now of course that can be radically different if the child has tons of hair and needs a cut by age one or something ridiculous. Or that’s what we would say from the disadvantage of being on the slow growing not much blond hair side of it!

So this week, with the bangs covering up the little eyes, it was time for a trim. Now the delicious little curls coming in at the back are still wispy and delicate. Long discussion between Momma and the skilled Ruth, my hair stylist and friend. The wispy curls stay for now even though a bob would make her hair seem thicker.

And just like that, 3 snips later, it was over. The tiny little pile of hair was lovingly put into an envelope. It was dated, signed and passed to Momma. Hugs were exchanged and off we went; just a titch more grown up than an hour ago.


PS my baby book has a little lock of hair in it and my name. That’s it! Fourth child syndrome.

PPS Ruth, my friend and stylist, is a regular blog reader. If this doesn’t get her to comment nothing will!