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The attraction seems to be far more intense than one would anticipate. In fact it reminded me of how strong magnets will pull across a space to touch.

The strange thing is I’m talking about a girl and horses. Not just any girl but my little granddaughter, who at the age of 20 months, is as horse crazy as her momma.

I had, perhaps, thought her momma was exaggerating but I’ve seen it for myself now. I went for a quick visit on my way home from work. It was such a lovely sunny fall day that a walk was in order. So she took my hand and the first place she lead me was to the corral. Little A doesn’t have a lot of words but she makes her intent very clear! We had to feed the horses.

A little bit of coaxing and we walked over to say hi to daddy who was doing some work. We played with some outside toys and then, with momma’s help, I finally understood we were supposed to go for a walk on the driveway.

The horses heard us talking and started coming our way. Little A negotiated the ditch, I helped with the fence and off she went. Magnetic pull in full force.

Again the lack of words didn’t deter her from what she wanted. I phoned momma for some advise and yes indeed I was to set her on the big white mare. Truthfully, it made me a titch nervous. I had nothing to hold Mia with and she’s 16.2 hands high. But apparently momma is right and the horse adores her and doesn’t move when Little A is on her back. The sheer joy on her face!

After I took her down she wasn’t content. Her actions informed me exactly what she wanted but I wasn’t buying into that. The younger bay horse isn’t that familiar with me nor me work here. Momma decided to walk out and so lucky Little A got to go for two rides!

Secured (well that might seem like a stretch of a word) by a piece of binder twine I lead Mia while Momma loosely held onto the Little’s leg. Her giggles and squeals of joy didn’t phase the usually feisty mare at all. In fact she seems so mellow.

Once we convinced her that it was time to get off the horses I used the magical fall afternoon light to get a few shots that I adore!

Once back in the corral momma truly fed the horses seems she and I had just played at it.

It was a tough sell to get her to leave the horses but momma just waved goodbye and walked away. Eventually she decide to join us and sauntered down the path alone. I said to momma that someday she’s going to decide to just stay and play with the horses!

It’s wasn’t just the wonderful fall weather and that incredible afternoon light that made the hour seem so magical. It was the sheer joy on her face and the magnetic pull that they all share. I’m so pleased, on many levels, that I can share these photos here.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

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