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I have to call my own accountability into question. I just did a quick blog review and confirmed my suspicions. I have totally forgotten about the third quarter report card. If I was making excuses it would be that August and September were jam packed full to the brim.

I’m now well over a month late. It hardly seems worth while to do a full report when in 10 weeks it’s year end. What??? 10 weeks, only 9 before Christmas!!! Isn’t it crazy how quickly a year can go by?

So in a nutshell (which is a challenge for someone who likes words as much as I do) here is my self care report card number 3.

I am still bothered occasionally with insomnia; I’ve never figured out why but I am now taking a combo of natural stuff to try and get into a bed sleep habit.

I’ve gotten into better nutritional choices and have made a decent dent on some weight loss. Obviously I have more to lose but this feels so much better. I’m not going to lie; it’s not easy.

Most other items I’ve held my own on; dental hygiene, work life balance, hugging and rejuvenation items.

I’ve been sadly lacking in stretching and any fitness at all. The work injury turned into something bigger and then it went a little crazy for a while. I’ve been cleared to resume and am slowly working my way back into my regular routine. Very slowly, especially if Little A is walking with me!

Creative time hasn’t been a huge item but did manage a few wedding projects and some baby gifts. Absolutely love the time I carve out to spend in my attic. I did get creative with our outside planters so they have some colours and textures for the fall and winter.

I think, perhaps maybe, that I’m seeing the bigger picture. That might be my pre retirement brain talking but I’m trying not to stress the small stuff so much. Still working with the litmus paper of “will it matter next week or next year”.