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For Better or Worse

About a kazillion years ago we said “I do” along with the words “for better or worse, in sickness and in health”. When you are 22 those words don’t have the same connotation that they carry as we age. Of course that is a generalization because many young couples face some tough times and ill health.

The odds though increase as we age. We have several friends who have a partner struggling with serious health issues. Not the temporary kinds of items we usually run the gauntlet of here, at this point in time. But life, as one knows, can be brutal and fickle and down right bloody hard.

This song brings me joy as the Hunter Brothers Love Lives On is about how love endures. They are my new favourite band, a bunch of bad ass farmer brothers from southern Sask. I mean what’s not to like in that sentence. I’m looking forward to seeing them live somewhere soon one of these days. I’ll drag my other half along for payment for all the concerts I’ve attended that weren’t my genre of music. The bonus, of course, is the time spent together and the things we do for love.


PS the title makes me think of the one comic strip that I always enjoyed when we got the paper. She wrote and drew that family and brought every day issues to life, four little boxes at a time.

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