Posted in Food, grandchildren, health, Self Care

Grateful Day

It’s a gray cold windy day which would usually make me a titch cranky but not today.

Today I am grateful for a health system, that despite huge issues, can deliver timely care to sick people. I’ve already got my booking for my scope so next week I’ll be grateful that it’s over!

I’m grateful for all the friends and family that have reached out to see if there is anything they can do. And to the understanding friends who’s supper plans we cancelled because between Ron and I aren’t fit for company as he has the flu and I’m not into food these days.

I’m grateful that my blogging world reaches out and touches people because that’s why I write.

Finally it’s Friday, a day most of us are grateful for because it means the weekend is near. I have plans with a certain wee one that also makes me blessed and grateful.


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