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Drugs on drugs

The sheer irony of this post is not lost on me at all.

On the last snowfall of the spring, while carrying a tray of goodies to work, I slipped and fell. Icy patch underneath the snow wasn’t obvious except when my body hit it. I went down with enough pressure to cut my skin through my jacket.

And snow season is heading our way and I’m just now getting over the back issues. To make a long story short there was a lot of physiotherapy, x-rays, some injections of my first bursitis and still the “pain” persisted. So then it was an anti inflammatory medication in hopes that it was inflammation causing the shooting nerve pain down my leg.

Which is where this blog post actually picks up is the medication for the inflammation. The ones that come with the little side effects sheet and they tell you ahead of time to do this and not do that. All of which I did. But then I was getting some gastric side effects so my GP put me on another medication to counter affect that. How wonderful. Well maybe if it had worked but alas no.

Without all the gory details, because hey not everyone is a nurse and wants to “know”, turns out I either have a very roaring case of gastritis (stomach inflammation) or a small GI (gastrointestional) bleed; final diagnosis after I have a scope. I spent part of my day getting really great care at the local ER by a great doc and nurse.

Three different meds to counter attack what the first medication did to me, despite the fact that I took as prescribed and with meals. Isn’t modern science wonderful? On the plus side my nerve pain is gone and my back feels pretty decent. My stomach, well that’s not quite the same story but it will be by the time the snow flies. Ah yes the irony.


Ps — not to worry. I’m on the med with the correct drugs now and will be right as rain soon.

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