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Common denominator

I’m not being much of a math person but I do remember the various “denominators” from doing fractions.

I’m sad to report that yesterday I sunk to become part of the lowest denominator in my professional day. I succumbed to the external stressors and the attitudes abounding around me. I exhibited behaviour that wasn’t very becoming at all. A bit like scum at the bottom of the barrel.

Today I’m very happy to report that the company I kept today certainly brought up better personality traits. The common denominator running through all of this is orthopaedics. My work life spills over into my personal life in some friendships that escape the boundaries of the hospital.

This afternoon and early evening were spent with a philanthropic orthopaedic surgeon and her lovely mother. We discussed Tyndall stone, masonry, gardening, harvesting and blogging. They enjoy the micro and macro view from the garden.

Dr D. and I dissected many aspects of operating rooms, NPO’s and health regions, personnel, bottom lines, operations and personal plans in our afternoon of garden harvesting. My plans are much more concrete than hers but that’s ok as our lives are at different crossroads. It once again inspired in me a desire to volunteer my professional skills somewhere somehow when I retire from full time nursing.

We ended the evening enjoying a little garden harvest dessert, that I literally whipped up, in the peaceful country sunshine.

I cherish that I was # 1 on the visit list and that we reconnected on a meaningful level. It ended well with many hugs and left my heart warm.


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