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Goldilocks (Again)

It’s hard to believe that, once again, I’ve pulled the Goldilocks trick. Like seriously I just did this in February with and here I am again at the same spot.

The saying in carpentry is think twice cut once (I stand corrected it’s measure twice cut once) I should perhaps remember that the next time I am modifying a pattern. You can’t uncut something. You can certainly rip out a seam but that won’t make it any bigger if it’s intrinsically too small.

The above, in this cute polka dot fabric that momma loves, is the 18 month size with 24 month length. Made sense to me as Little A is on the tall side. Alas, it’s like a full year too big on her.

So then I went down to the size 12 month and added extra length as you can see above. The fight to get that over her head wasn’t pretty! Getting it off was even worse. So that one will be finished and will make a lovely baby gift: along with a matching little bonnet in the blue. So that’s kind of Plan B for that super cute fabric.

Now I had cut it out strategically so there is some left but is it enough for a dress? Bigger question? What’s the right size dress? Meanwhile the project sits on hold as summer jobs, like weeding and watering take priority while Little A continues to grow!

So a couple more measurements, the original purchased dress as a guideline and another attempt cut out. The sleeves have a center seam, the only way I could cut it all out. The dress should have extra length and be the correct size, she’s says with her fingers crossed.

Seriously? The photo says I cut this out in mid June. It’s the last day of July? Will it fit? Won’t know if I don’t finish it. Fortunately they only take about 30 minutes to whip up. This is now ready for a fitting this afternoon.

The lovely news is that someone was in a let’s try on clothes mood and was a happy model for me for the final fitting. It won’t fit much longer than the fall weather that is coming. I was disappointed that the weather wasn’t nice enough to wear it on the days that they camped with us but perhaps this week? I’m tied, in my head, to providing the final product with the model here on this post.

Complete with a little tag that will help differentiate front from back. It’s pretty easy on and off and down right adorable! And with parental approval I can even show how cute that little face is in the dress but getting a smile was a challenge.

I simply adore making little girls dresses. They are so simple and easy and turn out so cute. They take so little material and they look adorable in just about any material you pick! It’s certainly food for thought as I head into my exit strategy from full time nursing but still need 5 years of part time income.


2 thoughts on “Goldilocks (Again)

  1. So cute! I have a friend who makes bombers out of old adult T-shirts! Something I think you could do amazingly. Check her out on fb ‘Ellie & Fletch’.


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