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Weekend at Bernie’s

A constant in my career have been the jokes about a weekend at Bernie’s and how that ends up. I can honestly say I never saw the movie. The release date means I had a 2 year old and was pregnant with my second. Movies weren’t high on my priority list I guess. Here’s if you’ve forgotten is a (or like me never saw it) clip from weekend at Bernie’s.

Now my house guest this weekend did haul something around but it wasn’t me!

There was also some hand holding and some digging; but not quite the same type as in the movie. I had assistance planting a few new plants and picking produce in the garden.

This particular little house guest can eat a lot, at certain times, although supper isn’t typically one of them. But garden snacks of raspberries and peas seem to be most popular. Actually quite astonishing how much a 17 month old can eat! Having her own container meant I could still get some picking done. It’s been a while since we’ve had a house guest with a curfew. We actually managed getting her to bed on time and with her that’s a win. The mornings were a little earlier than we usually rise and shine but it’s easy to get up when giggles and love is so abundant.

Baby A is into helping these days and so her “drawer” kept getting emptied and organized. She also helped put stuff away from the dishwasher and wanted to help haul wood. She’s a regular with her little watering can and carried plants around, even if I wanted them left where I had set them. I had read an article this week that children who do chores and help at home grow up smarter and more independent. She’s on her way although she tested the limits a few times by opening the drawer above this and taking labels off the spice containers. Then shaking her head like “no that wasn’t me that did it” when called out despite the fact that she handed me the label! I love watching her think and learn and practise new skills.

All in all I would have to say a Weekend at Bernie’s (Nan Bernie) was a smashing success. One we hope to repeat on occasion.


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