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Old Fashioned Way

Like seriously how hard can it be to find a simple thing on the internet? I feel like I spent an hours worth of time searching for just the right site to no avail. I mean it seems simple; a low sugar raspberry ice cream recipe? Well it turns out it’s darn hard.

The “best” find was from WholesomeYum.Com. The name conjures up good eats so it was my first hit. Awesome: it only takes 4 ingredients. What? Something I’ve never heard of and had to look up to find out it’s a sugar alcohol that doesn’t get absorbed by the blood stream as well. So like fake sugar. Ah no thanks wholesome yum not.

So moving along I checked out one on a blog called 5boysbaker. First section asked for 2 tbsp of sugar and I got all excited. Then later it asked for 1 1/2 cups. I guess 5 boys run off all that sugar chasing each other.

I’m thinking to myself – I just want an old fashioned recipe. The light goes on and I’m like wait a minute. Yep I have my mom’s cooked custard ice cream recipe. The one we always had with fresh garden raspberries. So I adjusted the sugar downward and hoped that and the raspberrries wouldn’t affect how well it set up.

It was gobbled up by all the guests at supper so quickly I didn’t really get a decent picture of it; partly why I wouldn’t make a good food blogger as I care more about the taste than the photo. It set up very nicely and had a great creamy flavour without being sweet at all.

Exactly how I wanted it to be. Mom to the rescue with an old fashioned recipe.


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