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I’m still trying to wrap my head around the flipping obsolete part for my SUV so when I was offered an evening full of a distraction I jumped at it.

Now this distraction also means that not much on the “to do” list got done there was a particular plus to the time spent. The parcel arrived as I departed the dungeon and instantly brought a smile to my face.

Wearing a pretty little sun dress and her floppy hat she’s gone running off here to see the puppy. After an early supper, where she ate an astonishing amount, it was time to get into our work clothes. We had plants to water and a garden to plunder.

One of the very best parts of being a gardener is eating directly from the garden. Absolutely nothing tastes better than a fresh baby carrot (alas I will have none this year), a raspberry straight off the bush or freshly shelled peas.

We even worked on our sharing concept although it wasn’t a one to one ratio. It was like 4 for Annabelle and then Nan would steal one. After about 50 raspberries she finally feed me one. It was so adorable and such a lovely moment for me.

We moved over to the peas so I could see if there were any ripe. I didn’t actually expect her to eat any as she’s not a fan of cooked peas, just like her momma. Turns out she seemed to like them.

Me, I’m in love with the the visual of her eating out of my hand with food that came straight from the garden. Teaching her young, like I did my children, about where food comes from.

She went exploring when she’d finished eating. It was interesting to watch her walk around. She didn’t step on plants but walked up and down the rows. She then played peekaboo from behind the garden gate and set out exploring around the hedge. She couldn’t see me but I knew where she was. In the meantime I was weeding and she would come back and watch for a few minutes every once in a while. I decided it was bath time when she opted to help me pull plants!

What a priceless evening. What a lucky Nan I am!! As my friend said so wisely “grandkids … soften our heart and feed our souls”. So true.


2 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Precious moments! I love that you always make time for the things that are important in this world. Thank you for being the wise woman that you are – and for sharing your soul with us! Love you.


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