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Here’s the Thing

So here’s the thing. What do you do when you blow a commitment? Try and pick up the pieces or just like walk away? I had thought tonight was the night to catch up but it’s not. Other stuff called – time sensitive things like raspberries.

This is the dilemma that my young work friend and I are facing. We signed up to do a 30 day challenge called Mindfullness. It tied in well with my year of self care. The speaker was quite committed to being mindful. The importance of this concept was reinforced when I did the Resilency workshop. At that point I was already on like Day 4 and felt quite righteous because here I was doing this very thing.

Then the long weekend rolled along and I was still on top of it. Carving out the few minutes I needed to do that session and occasionally practise the skills required to be mindful. Sunday rolls along – can’t log in. Not on my phone (which I’d be using all along), the laptop or even the crappy computer (that’s a totally different story). I try again Monday and no luck. Turns out Miss C can’t log in either – like a major glitch in the system. I still can’t log in Tuesday am on my phone.

3 days go by and I never even get near the computer to send an email or see what’s up with this. So now I’m like really behind and think that I’m letting my buddy down. Turns out she got in once but then like kind of forgot to go back.

Today we walked out of the change room at the same time. We both said we hadn’t even had 5 seconds to think about being mindful today. I said “let’s do 15 minutes of catch up tonight”. She said “not likely as its wing night”. Me – I had a date with a quiet garden, raspberries and the sunset.

So now I see, via email, that it’s day 17 and I got only as far as day 4. Hm – seems a bit like an epic fail. But one title talked about turning negatives into positives. I’m still working on the concept of how to turn being so behind into a positive. It does mean I have a full busy life of things I mostly chose to do. It’s like many things in life though; they need a deadline before they occur.

Like the bank statements that need to be balanced. Yes my computer program does most of the work but

A) I hate our computer

B) I rarely spend any time in front of it in the summer

C) Because they are usually correct it just doesn’t become a priority ever.

D) Financial stuff is never fun to do

So you see you can talk yourself out of almost anything. Or you can talk yourself into almost anything. After our hallway chat she decided to start riding her bike to work faithfully and I decided to get back into the pool and on the bike (even if my leg and back are still on the fritz.

My swim was short (as a rehab one should be) and a bit brisk. It made my mental mood a lot better but it remains to be seen what the rest of my body thinks about it.

One step at a time, one step at a time. Mindfully of course 😏!


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