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If I Could

I say to my other half if I could I would paint and he had a little wry smile. Not doubt why in my mind as he knows I can’t even do a decent stick man. My sense of perception to paper is kind of skewed. But maybe to paint clouds one doesn’t need to draw. Maybe it’s all about the multi layers of colour. I think when I retire I’d like to give it a go. Until then I’m ok with just capturing it with my phone camera.

Clouds are such a fascinating subject. No two are alike and they are constantly evolving in size, shape and colours. Some are ominous and some are just down right gorgeous like the sunset ones.

In fact I may be slightly obsessed with clouds, blue skies, sunsets and my view! Every night at sunset I set aside what I am doing and take a moment of gratitude to enjoy what nature is unfolding for me.

I think we would have been happier this weekend if any of those ominous clouds had resulted in some rain. The few smatterings of drops we got didn’t satisfy the plants needs. But it is what it is which is why I try not to complain about the weather. This is a post about how enticing the clouds are not about whether or not they unleash their goods on us.

I hope you enjoyed the cloud views I shared. As always feel free to drop a comment or better yet, if you are in the neighbourhood, drop by for a visit. Gets us out of work for a few minutes!


2 thoughts on “If I Could

  1. You do not have to be able to draw in order to paint. Landscape can be a lot of fun. I think your sense of colour would bode well for you as a painter. I look forward to your next challenge! 😉


    1. Not sure when it will happen but I’d sure like to try. I feel like maybe pastels or oil. Obviously I wasn’t all that good with the alcohol ink — the difference between your first one and mine was significant.


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