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Weekend at Bernie’s

A constant in my career have been the jokes about a weekend at Bernie’s and how that ends up. I can honestly say I never saw the movie. The release date means I had a 2 year old and was pregnant with my second. Movies weren’t high on my priority list I guess. Here’s if you’ve forgotten is a (or like me never saw it) clip from weekend at Bernie’s.

Now my house guest this weekend did haul something around Continue reading “Weekend at Bernie’s”

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Pot Luck Party

I had a pot luck party last night but there was a twist. Along with the usual food item each attendee also brought along something else. The concept was that it would sort of a be like a hostess gift but then it ended up more like the crazy Christmas gift stealing. The friend who didn’t bring a gift went home with 2 but it will all even out in the long term.

I still ended up the happy recipient of several new Continue reading “Pot Luck Party”

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I’m still trying to wrap my head around the flipping obsolete part for my SUV so when I was offered an evening full of a distraction I jumped at it.

Now this distraction also means that not much on the “to do” list got done there was a particular plus to the time spent. The parcel arrived as I departed the dungeon and instantly brought a smile to my face. Continue reading “Priceless”

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Not on the list

Very few of my activities today were pre planned and on the to do list; least of all hitching a ride with a stranger.

Last year about this time, on CBC radio, I listened to an interesting interview. It was a recently retired woman, I believe a teacher, who felt she needed to challenge herself for the next year. A natural introvert she worried about becoming too self-contained so she started a blog called A year of strangers and in it she writes about random encounters she makes. I had expected daily posts but it’s been a bit more hit and miss. Some of them are poignant, some unsettling and the odd one is laugh out loud funny. Continue reading “Not on the list”