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Birthdays and special family occasions aside, today is my favourite day of the year. The sky is so light for so long that it just fills me with total joy. Even if I spent 11 hours of it in a dungeon (déja vu to last year when the same thing happened).

This view in the am never gets old. I made my mind wake me up as I wanted a pre sunrise photo. This is about 0430. The sun was blazing by the time I raced to work at 0605.

My late lunch at 1445 was quiet in the Queen’s Garden. The water fountain is going and I enjoyed the outside peaceful time in a hectic work day. The heat was fabulous although I totally recognize how badly we need rain and I would even take it today.

By the time I departed at 1700 the haze had kind of rolled in and so it wasn’t as hot as anticipated. Well except in our house. That was exactly what it’s like a few days of the year! But I’m grateful when it’s hot; means eating outside is the way to go and that always makes me happy.

June evenings are almost always filled with outside pursuits; walking, biking, gardening, painting, yard work, watering and occasionally blogging by the fire. The fruits of the labour are in how nice the yard looks and how fit we keep making it so. Today was a smattering of all those activities.

The sunset and subsequent dusk weren’t spectacular today because of the hazy clouds. Which seems disappointing but really in the bigger picture it’s ok. The gratitude for the many pluses in today and every day far outweigh the lack of a sunset.

It’s after 2300 and we’ve just come in as the mosquitos were eating me alive. We were sitting outside enjoying the last light of the day and connecting after a busy day.

Today, one of my favourite days of the year.


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